Feng Shui 堪舆

FengShui is no longer considered to be taboo or superstition.

People are increasingly appreciating the scientific basis of FengShui and applying the practical advice to achieve self-awareness, and success in career, love and family.

Master Ern has assisted personal and corporate clients to use Feng Shui to achieve their goals, plan their actions

风水不再是马来西亚人的复杂或禁忌的话题。飘是天在那里风水有马来西亚人之间的怀疑和宗教言论削弱了这种做法的真正潜力。风水堪舆的科学现在已经被证明是一个实际生活应用的人谁渴望丰富的生活红红火火过。问师父ERN ,谁现在是热衷于教学艺术和风水英国普通百姓的本质,任何人谁是好奇地感兴趣。随着它的实际现实生活中的应用,使得即使在我们中间的百万富翁管理风水在我们的日常生活。

徐玉恩院长 Master Ern Cher

Master Ern developed an strong interest in Feng Shui at an early age.  She tutored with famous Feng Shui masters with the sincere desire to learn

Based on this foundation, she started providing Feng Shui services since university days

With increasing client references and work, Master Ern started ERNS FENG SHUI Sdn Bhd in 2012.  This enabled her and her team to provide better customer service to her clients.  With clients across multiple industries and backgrounds, and her knowledge from different masters, Master Ern developed her own techniques to achieve greater success in her Feng Shui techniques

Master Ern regularly contributes to share her Feng shui knowledge, through columnists of corporate magazines, newspapers and her own social media

She is the resident consultant to a growing number of companies, and temples

徐玉恩老師自幼即对神秘的风水命理产生浓厚的兴趣,更因机缘巧下合陆续与几位大师不断学习各家所长。为求证风水命理的实效性,徐老师在大学求学时期即已半工半读,以风水命理及姓名学为顾客提供谘询服务。 徐老师踏足风水命理界已有十几年的实战经验,结合本科大学商学系毕业,除一般居家风水布局外,更善长商业风水规划,客户遍布各行各业的大小企业。为提供客户更好与专业的服务,徐老师于近年创办了「恩玺专业风水命理学院」。 秉持着务实与专业的态度,不论是在为顾客取名、改名、论命或风水堪察布局上,创造最实际有效的解决方法,也为徐老师累积了广大的忠实顾客。目前她也是新马印多家企业之风水顾问,企业杂志与各报章之专栏作者。


Principal of Erns Feng Shui Sdn. Bhd.


The management Committee of Persekutuan Tiong Hua Johor Bahru Memorial Park


Fengshui Consultant of Da Bo Gong Temple Pekan Nanas


23 哩真空教灵山堂风水顾问
Fengshui Consultant of 23miles LingShan Temple



UTAR Business Administration (Hons.) in Entrepreneurship First Class Honor Holder 


Mr Khew, Singapore

“Your knowledge in geomanucy towards creating a vibrant and positive energy office space for all occupants is highly commendable, and has enlightened us in many ways